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Accent Modification

What is an Accent?

Nonnative English speakers use the melody, stress, and rhythm patterns of their native language. In addition, the movement of the lips, tongue, and jaw are often influenced by the first language and this will affect the ability to pronounce the consonants and vowels of American English. An accent may become an issue when it interferes with communication and affects the individual’s professional success and future opportunities.

What is a Dialect?

Speakers of the same language may have variations in pronunciation, word choice, voice quality, and grammar patterns due to where they live. There is nothing wrong with these patterns; they are just different. Many people choose to modify a “dialect” to blend in with others in their locale or for professional purposes.

What is involved in Accent Modification Training?

The goal in accent modification training is to help the individual speak effectively so that speech is “listener friendly.” Accent elimination is not the intention of this training. The individual is actually learning an American accent. After a careful analysis of the individual’s speech patterns, a customized training program is designed.


What Materials are used for Training?

Lynda Katz Wilner co-founded ESL RULES with Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker. We publish assessment and training materials for non-native English speakers. The RULES approach to accent modification is an innovative, comprehensive, cutting-edge approach designed for intermediate to advanced students. Check out www.eslrules.com for more information.


Online Accent Modification Group Course


Train the Trainer Webinar

Have you thought about accent modification classes but did not have the time to enroll or travel to the venue? This course will help you achieve excellence in communication from the comfort of your own home or office. 


Communication skills are critical to medical service delivery. This webinar, produced by LDS & Associates, helps trainers market and implement this unique training in the medical setting.





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Thanks to Lynda, I was able to improve the way I speak in public and be more understandable by my audience. The training made me feel more confident and enhanced my professional skills for conferences and lectures.
— ML, Research Professor at George Washington Univeristy
I am really impressed by Lynda’s professionalism and more importantly, her capacity to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses to work on it. She is very methodical, patient, and extremely competent in coaching. One of Lynda’s strengths is her capacity to explain complex English rules and also identify the right materials.
— Seydou Doumbia, Global Health Fellow with USAID, working in Democratic Republic of Congo
It is my immense pleasure to recommend Ms. Lynda Katz Wilner to people who have difficulty in accent, public speaking, and communication. I feel honored to have had her as my instructor and I liked the one-on-one approach because it is both demanding and fulfilling to have a teacher giving you her full attention.
She is an excellent teacher, versatile and innovative, she has a wealth of knowledge as well as a genuine interest in the progression of her students. I found her teaching methods extremely effective in that the pace of learning and the variety of resources she used allowed me to get a maximum outcome within a short period of time. She also offers innovative and interactive solutions, which allowed me to continue my training online through a unique online service, which I could devote my efforts whenever I had the time.
Highly recommended, especially if you have a busy schedule and want to maximize your learning.
— VS, professional from Iran, living in the USA
Lynda Katz Wilner is an excellent educator and her coaching style is second to none. Lynda’s diligence in making sure that I understood the area I needed improvement was impeccable. The RULES by the Sound program, especially with the vowels, was wonderful and an eye opener. Thank you!
— Rafiu Ighile, Howard County Deputy Director of Finance
A friend of mine recommended this program to me. He advised me that his communication skills improved with the program. I decided to take this class because I needed to improve my communication due to my job. After a few classes, I started to notice that my coworkers understood me better. My coworkers and friends told me my communication has a significant improvement. In fact, they understand me better now. The program helped me expand my knowledge in the language with better understanding and speaking fluently. I am thankful for this program and my instructor, Lynda Katz Wilner, for helping me to have so much progress.
— WF, DC Metropolitan Police Officer
I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I met up with my professor (the one that suggested that I see an accent coach), and he said he saw dramatic improvements in my speech. He is so pleased that he can now relax and listens to me without “working that hard.” He told me to tell you that you did a great job with me!
— TT, Law Student
I enjoyed my training sessions by Successfully Speaking presented by Ms. Lynda Wilner. First, through the test system I was “diagnosed” for major misuse of English words and sentences. Once the problems had been revealed, all the efforts were directed to fix or mitigate the existing flaws. The classes were well organized, perfectly conducted by Ms. Wilner and supported with additional audio material. What I liked the most was from the very beginning I was given the key to the understanding of the American sound system, stress patterns, and intonation. In the past, I dealt with English mainly through illustrative material (internet, books and dictionaries), where obviously good verbal skills cannot be developed. I believe all of the above helped me to improve my spoken English. I also liked that whenever I needed to better understand the grammar, I was immediately given excellent references with detailed explanations of the subject. I strongly recommend taking these classes especially to individuals willing to master their verbal skills in using modern American English.
— Tigran Sanamyan, Ph.D. // Army Research Laboratory
I consider Lynda, of Successfully Speaking, as a communication coach whose training can be useful for both native and non-native English speakers. The training helped me discover several rules and structures of the English language that are often overlooked in corporate and personal communication by native and non-native English speakers. I have discovered that English phonetics/sound can be as complex and rhythmic as the sound of romance languages.
The training was a good investment in my personal and professional development. I have become more confident when I communicate with colleagues, vendors, and strangers. It is great that I will still have access to the materials, the ESL RULES platform and the videos, when the training is over so that I can continue on improving my communication skills.
— EV // Catholic Relief Services
I began this program reluctantly because I felt I had no problem with my speech. After listening to myself on the recorded conversations with the trainer, I realized that my speech was flat because keywords were not stressed with the correct pitch. This program has enabled me to assume the burden of making myself more clear by speaking slowly, stressing keywords, and using the correct voice pitch when I speak rather than placing the burden on my listeners to figure out what I am saying. While there is room for improvements, I feel that my listeners understand me better now because I am not told to repeat myself as much as I have been previously asked.
— Charles Ulinfun // Hershey Medical Center-Dept. of Safety, Hershey, PA
English is not my native language and I had some problems with communication in a business environment. Ms. Wilner quickly identified my problems and the corrective course. After I finished this customized training program, I now have a deeper understanding of the American English Sound System for consonants and vowels. I have increased the pitch variability for multi-syllable words and sentences. Both my communication skills and efficiency have improved significantly through this unique program.
From my own experience, I would say Ms. Wilner is an experienced instructor with an advanced level of expertise in this area. She provides an excellent program to help individuals interested in accent modification.
— SK // Accountant
Working with Successfully Speaking has been one of the best moves I have made in my professional career. I was born in Africa, but now work as a corporate executive in the U.S. Prior to working with Lynda, I had great diction, construction and language structure, but little awareness of and focus on the stress patterns that characterize and distinguish American speech. My goal was not to acquire an American accent, but rather to be clear and succinct in my communication. This is particularly important as I make many public speeches and presentations. Understanding tone, voice inflection, stress patterns – both syllable and word stress – has significantly improved my ability to communicate to professional audiences around the country. Lynda has through our one on one phone sessions and the material in her RULES book, helped me to identify, listen for, recognize, self correct and consistently apply tone and stress patterns that make my speech easy to understand. She also has a great friendly coaching style! I would highly recommend Successfully Speaking.
— GG // Attorney
I will more than 100% always recommend this program to anyone whose first language is not English. It is very important to be able to communicate effectively with the people we associate with especially for those who are in the healthcare settings or in leadership. Please don’t wait. If you do you will only hurt yourself. If you believe in your dream you will make it happen. Thanks.
— G.A. // Pharmacist, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

Accent Modification Online Course

Lynda Katz Wilner, certified Speech and Language Pathologist, is offering online, individual and group accent modification classes to improve your communication skills and pronunciation of the English language. 

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