2014 in Review from Successfully Speaking

Our inboxes have been inundated with a plethora of communication tips for 2015. Let’s take a step back and see some pointers we have learned in 2014.

One of the primary elements of effective communication is Eye Contact. In the USA, appropriate eye contact conveys honesty, confidence, interest in our communication partner, and it enables us to “read” our listener. However, we must avoid staring, or darting our eyes in attempt to reach everyone in the room.


Our handshake is one of the first ways to make a first impression. Is your handshake sending the right message?


We often focus on what we should say when speaking with others. However, an effective communicator is also an excellent listener. What should we remember to do to be successful with our communication partners?


For those who rely on telephone communication, optimal telephone etiquette will impact professional images.


Stay tuned for more communication videos in 2015!

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