Communication Training for International Medical Professionals

Are you an international medical graduate or foreign-educated nurse? What can be done to improve your communication with your patients and colleagues to avoid miscommunication and medical errors?

Why is effective communication so critical in the medical setting? Patient intakes, explaining procedures, obtaining consent forms, giving verbal orders, conducting patient rounds, giving report at the ends of shifts, speaking with support staff, are but a few of the critical encounters that occur every day in the medical setting. Individuals who have a foreign accent may be challenged in these situations. Think about the consequences of ordering 15 mg. of a medication and the nurse heard it as “50 mg!”

The comprehensive Medically Speaking training programs specialize in improving physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers’ speech and communication skills to increase effectiveness and efficiency of medical and social communications. English language skills may be proficient, but speech patterns, difficulty with idiomatic speech and slang, and cultural differences may interfere with the ability to communicate effectively. This detrimentally affects patient care outcomes and patient satisfaction. Accent modification and communication training will assist non-native English professionals in reducing potential communication barriers and increase quality, safety, and productivity in healthcare.

You can participate in an individual or small group Medically Speaking program. These classes are conducted in our Owings Mills, MD office, at your hospital or office, or even online with web-based live training.

Medically Speaking programs are taught by Lynda Katz Wilner, the author of Medically Speaking: Accent Modification for the Medical Profession, The Medically Speaking Inventory, and co-author of Medically Speaking RULES, Medically Speaking  Idioms, and The Pronunciation Screening Tool.

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