Executive Coaching

Clear and effective speech is critical for a successful executive.

  • Do you have additional responsibilities that require public speaking?

  • Do you project yourself as a leader in your organization?

Executive coaching will help you present yourself in a concise and professional manner.

Align your visual, vocal, and verbal messages to project a powerful and professional image.


Lynda is an excellent coach and tailors her approach according to both the needs of the business and the individual client. Her overall partnering skills are excellent, identifying appropriate touch-points throughout the engagement to ensure alignment and focus on skill improvement.
— Cecilia P. Matthews // Director of Corporate Capabilities, MedImmune
Your Successfully Speaking workshop was engaging, educational and motivational! The 3 V’s, that you spoke about – Visual, Vocal and Verbal Communication each play such an important role in how one present’s themselves when speaking to any size audience. Specifically the acronym SOFTEN – Smile at people, Open posture, Forward lean, Touch-use a warm and firm handshake, Engaging eye contact, Nod-encourage speaker to continue and show that you are listening were tips that I can’t wait to put into motion in my next public speaking forum.
— Jenny Seidman, Wellness Coordinator, THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
I have been appointed Chief Business and Technology Officer for the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). I am very excited about the new opportunity and challenges that come with it. Thank you so much for your assistance and work in making me aware of how to effectively communicate (successfully speak), which played a valuable role in my getting this appointment.
— Rafiu O. Oghile, Deputy Director of Finance
I just wanted to thank you so much again for your presentation to our group. I was at a show last night and I had you in my back pocket. I loved your presentation so very much. It helped me so much and you were such a wonderful teacher and trainer. I felt so confident last night when I was presenting to a group and all the things you talked about came rushing back to my mind. I kept my hands right in the middle of my body and was calm and used my breath and all the other things you talked about. You really made such an impact on me and I know the whole group. Thank you so much again!
— Christine Herrmann, Image Consultant/Manager, Jafra Cosmetics International
When I began researching professional speaking courses online, I had no idea I would meet such a thoughtful, kind and genuine instructor. I really enjoyed our one-on-one sessions because you truly personalized the course for my needs and target areas. Not only has my diction improved but my confidence has heightened since completing the training course. I would recommend your professional speaking course to anyone looking to improve their verbal communication skills. Your course has truly added value to my life. I look forward to signing up again!
— J. Leigh // Social Insurance Specialist, Social Security Administration

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Successfully Speaking is a communication skills consulting company that assists individuals, groups, and organizations achieve excellence in communication. Training is conducted in our Owings Mills, MD office, at your workplace, or by distance training on the internet.