HR Professionals are often in the position to find appropriate training for their employees. Many employees set a goal of improving “Communication Skills” in their performance reviews. Successfully Speaking training addresses professional image, effective communication in leadership positions, accent modification for non-native English speakers, vocabulary and grammar to project a professional image, and any aspect of communication that will help an individual perform successfully in the workplace.

We can provide you with a needs assessment to determine training goals for you and/or your employees, and then organize training to help achieve excellent communication skills. Contact us to learn more. 

Check out this article about Accent Modification training in the HR Compliance Law Bulletin HERE

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Here is a testimonial from an attendee at DC HR Alliance’s Leadership Series presentation on “Are you Listening?- Effective Communication Skills for Executives” on July 19, 2018.

The following are some testimonials and feedback from "Communicate with Power, Pop, and Pizzazz" presented to HR professionals at HR Alliance DC on June 7, 2017: 

On behalf of the HR Alliance Board, our members, and those who attended your program, I just wanted to send you very sincere Thank You. I’m confident everyone walked out with several useful tips and a heightened awareness of their 3 V’s. I’m sure you gained many new fans and advocates of your services.
— Randy Yu, President, HR Alliance DC
Fabulous event. Lynda was terrific and I am happy to have walked away with things I can implement immediately.

I will carry the 3 V’s with me for a while!

This may be very useful information for the candidates we work with in helping to prepare them for interviews.

Excellent presentation!

Actually, exceeded my expectations.

I’ve met her before - exceptional at what she does!

I learned great new tips for my own presentation skills.

Lynda did a nice job of working the room. She’s a dynamic speaker (I sincerely hope so!)


Great examples; great info; great speaker

Great program!

Very informative!
— Attendees at HR Alliance meeting
It’s never too late to learn! I’ve learned new skills to help me to be heard when speaking with men, and I sharpened my speaking skills overall. Thanks again for all of your lessons, suggestions, and materials. I will continue to use the skills learned from my sessions with you not only in my business interactions and presentations, but in interactions with people outside of my work. And, I will keep working toward positive, effective communications. It was a pleasure working with you and learning from you.
— LE // HR Generalist
Thank you for your excellent support to the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in the area of language and communication skills development for our scientists and engineers.
Skilled people are the heart of a research laboratory such as ARL. For our scientists and engineers, one of the most important skills is the ability to communicate their work and its potential benefits to sponsors and users. You have had a superb customer-focused approach – working with us to develop appropriate programs for improving these skills. All of your efforts, in both individual and small group formats, for language skills for those with English as a second language and briefing, presentation and speaking skills were on the mark.
A tribute to the effectiveness of your various programs is the number of participants who have personally sought out ARL managers to thank them for providing your services to assist them.
— Joseph J. Rocchio // Deputy Director, Department of the Army, US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Army Research Laboratory
Several of the members of the Electrochemistry Branch have taken several courses on Presentation skills and Accent modification. They all unanimously thought it very worthwhile and most would like to continue. F.K. gave a widely acknowledged, excellent talk at the Power Sources Conference after taking the Presentation course and credited the course for his success. He would like to be able to continue improving his skills. As many of the EC branch have English as a second language, they have also expressed interest in continuing their accent modification training.
— Cindy Lundgren, Ph.D. // Branch Chief, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD
My clients who work in the healthcare field have made significant positive changes in their ability to be understood as a result of practicing with Medically Speaking and Medically Speaking RULES. The exercises are specifically designed for professionals working in the medical community. Issues that have a major impact on patient / care provider communication are addressed, positively affecting patients’ quality of healthcare.
— Shelly Wallace // Associate Director, Xavier University Leadership Center, Intercultural Communication Group

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Successfully Speaking is a communication skills consulting company that assists individuals, groups, and organizations achieve excellence in communication. Training is conducted in our Owings Mills, MD office, at your workplace, or by distance training on the internet.