Medical Professionals Have Unique Communication Needs

Medical Professionals

Whether it is accent modification and communication training, public speaking, or other communication skills, doctors, nurses, medical interpreters, allied health professionals, and other medical personnel must be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, staff, patients, and family members. Failure to communicate successfully and efficiently can result in life threatening and legal consequences which can affect the professional’s career.

Professional Speaking Skills

In the medical environment, physicians who represent a department, office, or hospital must communicate at various levels. Voice quality and speaking style should enhance one’s image. Effective communication directly impacts the hospital or offices’ image, patient satisfaction, and professional relationships.

One on one coaching to assist the individual in presentation skills for conferences and meetings is available. Video recording and analyzing presentations are included.

Preparation for Medical Licensing Examination

1:1 coaching can assist physicians and nurses prepare for the speaking portion (Clinical Skills Assessment) of their licensing exams. 

Accent Modification Training

Are you an international medical graduate or foreign-educated nurse? Improve your communication with your patients and colleagues and avoid miscommunication and medical errors.

Accent modification and communication training will assist non-native English speaking professionals in reducing potential communication barriers and increase quality, safety, and productivity in healthcare.

What you can expect from the comprehensive Medically Speaking customized programs:

  • Receive a comprehensive evaluation
  • Learn strategies for improving pronunciation of medical and conversational speech
  • Use correct stress patterns for words, sentences, and conversation
  • Increase understanding and use of idiomatic language
  • Understand various cultural communication styles
  • Learn skills to improve work-related communication
  • Improve effectiveness for patient/family/staff communication

As a result of this training, you can expect to see:

  • Improved caregiver-patient rapport
  • Better patient care outcomes and quality care
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced image of your hospital or department
  • Diminished risk exposure

Individual or small group Medically Speaking programs are available. These classes are conducted in our Owings Mills, MD office, at your hospital or office, or online with 1:1 web-based live training.

What should be addressed in communication training?

  • Stress and Intonation patterns – reduce potential misinterpretation of critical information, e.g. 15 mg vs. 50 mg
  • Clear pronunciation – state medical information accurately e.g. “bleeding” vs. “breathing”
  • Idiomatic expressions and slang – reduce communication barriers, e.g. “He’s out of the woods;” “I’ve had it.”
  • Cultural Awareness – learn cultural values for communication styles, decision making, hygiene, nutrition, medications, compliance to a medical plan, family constellations, and end of life decisions
  • Effective presentation skills

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Here is a testimonial from a client who attended "Accent Modification Classes. You can see all of the services and products we offer at

"Choosing Successfully Speaking for my Professional Speaking Skills & Accent Modification was the right decision to make. It was a life-changing experience and I thank Lynda for her professionalism, patience, and understanding. The program has given a boost to my professional confidence as people around me understand me better and I do not have to repeat myself as I used to before the program. Also very exciting is how this program has improved my listening ability. Before this program, I used to think that native speakers talk too fast. Lynda opened my 'eyes' to different aspects of the American English I did not know. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I would surely recommend Successfully Speaking to anyone who really wants value for his or her time and money."                                                                        --Paschal D // Ambulatory Care Pharmacist"

Lynda tailored this course to my needs. Audio and the video was excellent. I never felt I was a distance learner. It was very convenient. I have learned the rules of American English. With constant practice, it will help me to improve my professional and social image. I already see a change. I wish I would have learned these rules at the beginning of my arrival in the USA.
— BS, MD Hospitalist, Texas
Through this class, I recognized the errors of my speaking and how to correct them. I can feel the big change since I took the class. I believe the improvement will help me with the communication in the clinical environment and provide better patient care. Lynda, I really appreciate your help!
— HW, Medical Fellow, Washington, DC
Thank you for all of your effort. The outstanding and obvious change that we noticed is she has slowed down her speech which helps us to understand her better. Thanks for your help.
— Sheryle Kehl R.N. CCRN // Critical Care Clinical Instructor, Doctors Community Hospital, Lanham, Maryland
Thank you so much for the wonderful and outstanding accent modification and presentation workshop and the detailed video summary. This training program was so unique, helpful and comprehensive. I learned a lot in this event and really enjoyed it. But, it will take a while for us to digest what we have learned and to practice! Hopefully, my pronunciation will improve soon. At least I am doing my best to pay more attention to the pronunciation of single words. Many thanks.
— S.Y., MD // Instructor, Partners Healthcare
RT told me earlier this week that she was thrilled with what she learned in the classes. She said she is practicing daily and is noticing a difference in how well she is understood. She would like to come back again.
— Diane Van Hassel, RN BSN // Director 4th floor Medical/Surgical/Orthopedics, Doctors Community
I am writing to share with you the excellent news and to thank you once again!
I took my OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) test in order to obtain my Maryland medical License, and my score was the highest possible: Advanced High!! I also took the TOEFL and did great. I completed all my requirements and already have my Maryland Medical License.
Ever since taking the course with you, I feel more comfortable talking to my colleagues and I can communicate my ideas better in public.
Lynda, I could not have done it without all your help and Dr. R’s support. Thank you again!
— RE, M.D. // Family Medicine Resident, Franklin Square Medical Center
I really enjoyed going through the course in the past few months. You were very effective in bringing to my attention my problem areas in pronunciation and intonation. I believe that after practicing with you during the sessions and with your CDs, I have been able to correct most of those problems. I have noticed that my transcriptionists make fewer errors and leave fewer blanks on my dictated reports.
The last sessions on presentations were also very helpful in helping me reorganize my slides to make my points more clearly. I am planning on using your feed-back in the future when I prepare for major speeches. On a personal note, I felt very comfortable working with you and appreciated your friendliness and professionalism. Thank you for everything.
— Gabriel Soudry, M.D. // Director, Nuclear Medicine Section, Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD
MC is showing great improvement in her accent. I am glad that she had an opportunity to attend this class, and I really appreciate your help.
— MP // Director, HIS, Doctors Community Hospital
I really enjoyed the class and was very lucky having you as our instructor. Through the class, I learned so many rules that are really useful in my studies. Before the class, I had a hard time pronouncing certain sounds such as “th” and “v”. Those sounds gave me trouble when I talked to people and they didn’t understand me. And I always dropped certain sounds because of my previous pronunciation habits. The worst thing was, I was not aware of such problems until I attended the speech class. The class gave me great help. It included many rules and useful information in the medical field. I also got a lot of practice which focused on my difficult sounds. The most useful parts are the audio CDs that I can listen to during driving. It was a real time saver! I love them so much! The other thing I liked were the tutoring section before each class. The last but not the least, we had a great instructor who really spent her time and enthusiasm on teaching. Mrs. Wilner tried to make every class interesting and got everyone involved. Through the class activities, we got used to speaking in front of the public. We learned many idioms that are actually used in clinics. Overall, this was a wonderful class.
— Amie // CCBC Student

Accent Modification Online Course

Lynda Katz Wilner, certified Speech and Language Pathologist, is offering online, individual and group accent modification classes to improve your communication skills and pronunciation of the English language. 

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