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In the corporate environment, communication includes engaging in critical conversations, conducting meetings and presentations, networking, and participating in telephone and conference calls. Professional image is composed of visual, vocal, and verbal messages. Body language should represent an executive presence and voice quality and speaking style should enhance that image. The inability to communicate effectively with power and confidence will directly impact the company’s image, resulting in loss of business, poor customer and patient satisfaction, and decreased productivity. 1:1 coaching, small group classes, and workshops are customized to meet the unique needs of the individual or organization.


Successfully Speaking provides individual and group training to improve presentation skills. Here is a brief look at a workshop we provided to the Diocese of Charleston-Wheeling, WV.

Foreign Accent Modification

Foreign Accent Modification

If you speak English as a second language, but feel you are not easily understood, accent modification would be beneficial.  The goal is to improve your communication, not necessarily eliminate the accent. Training focuses on pronunciation, stress and intonation patterns, idiomatic expressions, grammar, and vocabulary to enhance your overall communication. Individual, group training, and workshops are available both face-to-face and via distance training. The typical training module is 12-16 hours. Intensive training is available.

Regional Dialect Modification

Regional Dialect Modification  

If your regional dialect interferes with your ability to speak effectively, is distracting to listeners, or you wish to speak Standard American English in the workplace, consider  training that is customized to your specific needs.

Voice Management

Voice Management

Does your voice quality match your desired image? Do listeners focus on your “sound” rather than your message? Do you experience vocal difficulties (hoarseness, fatigue) after extensive talking? Is your voice “shrill” or high- pitched? Do you have difficulty with voice projection (too loud or too soft)? You can learn to optimize your vocal technique to create a powerful and confident image.

Telephone Skills Training

Telephone Skills Training

Many individuals in customer service departments utilize scripts to standardize information, but lack the skills to “converse” with the customer through effective use of diction, pausing, stress, and intonation. Effective communication and vocal skills will enhance customer satisfaction. This workshop is designed to provide practical information about the effective use of the voice and includes hands-on exercises.








Customer Service Representatives


Lab Technicians





Professional Athletes









Lynda was a tremendous help in pointing out areas for improvement in my public speaking, all while keeping the course laid back and fun!
— Liz Ford, Business Intelligence Manager, Greenspring Associates
Lynda, you were fantastic at diagnosing the main areas I need to improve upon and advising the tips and tricks to do so!
— Marley Cooper, Shapiro and Company
This workshop helped me to learn some techniques that I can work on and use on my job to become a better professional!
— Juliana Tumulty, Shapiro and Company
Overall, I think the class was excellent and provided meaningful information and feedback
— Jennifer Tobin, Controller, Shapiro and Company
I took Lynda’s master class and it was amazing. Not only does Lynda deliver helpful information, but she makes you feel at ease in her class speaking in front of others. I used what I learned in class at a meeting the same week to introduce a speaker. Not only was I better prepared for this introduction, but I was able to help control my nerves and breathing with techniques I learned in class. I recommend Lynda’s class to anyone. Not only is it helpful if you find yourself with public speaking engagements, but also helps with speaking one on one at networking events.
— Karen Cook, Executive Director of Hunt Valley Business Forum
Lynda’s Successfully Speaking course was really well put together and provided me with the necessary tools to become a much better public speaker. She is an expert in her field and I highly recommend using her if you want to improve your communication and public speaking skills.
— Mark Carlson, The JM Smucker Company
I recently had the opportunity to work with Lynda over the course of six weeks to improve my public speaking. It was a great experience and I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their presentation and public speaking skills. While I’ve always felt at ease in formal settings such as appellate practice, speaking to the public could be quite a challenge. I gained tremendous insight about my presentation and communication style, and saw measurable progress each week. Working with Lynda, and putting into practice what I learned from her, has improved my confidence not only in opportunities for public speaking but informal social and business settings as well.
— Paul Smail, Staff Litigation Attorney at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
If you are interested in taking a public speaking course, look no further than Successfully Speaking, a company dedicated to teaching the importance of professional presence and public speaking abilities. Lynda Katz Wilner, owner and Corporate Communication Specialist at Successfully Speaking, recently spoke at a DFI program. The program was excellent for learning about communication, both verbal, vocal, and visual - and the handouts were helpful, too.

Following the program, I participated in a two-hour Master Class with Lynda specifically to work on public speaking....each of us received individualized attention. In two hours, I felt and saw an improvement through video recordings of each of my speeches (that I got to keep!). It was a welcoming and supportive environment and made for an enjoyable experience.
If you are lookig to practice public speaking, I highly recommend you tak,e advantage of this opportunity!
— Alisa Rank, Campaign Associate, Women's Philanthropy, The Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Lynda is an expert. She was able to quickly evaluate my abilities and knew exactly how to help me. Thanks to Lynda’s training, my public speaking has vastly improved, and I am also much more effective in communicating with colleagues in the office setting. I learned that by projecting my voice in a confident manner I can feel more confident myself and, in turn, project that confidence in speaking with others.
— Client after 6 hours of coaching
Lynda was truly able to identify my challenges when speaking and catered our sessions to those challenges. Each new session was better than the last because of the relationship that was built in the coaching sessions.
— SM, Global Health Fellow
In our work at Soccer Without Borders, our staff finds themselves in front of very diverse groups of people, communicating across a range of languages, cultures, ages, and experiences. Lynda’s workshop was an incredible opportunity for our staff to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and learn strategies to maximize their message for all audiences. I would recommend Lynda’s workshop to other organizations as a part of your professional development plans.
— Mary McVeigh, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Soccer Without Borders
As someone who truly never believed I could comfortably be in front of a camera or speak in a large group setting, the supportive atmosphere and constructive comments allowed me to overcome a long-standing fear.
— Attendee at a recent Delivery Skills class
Lynda is excellent. You exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
— Attendee at recent Delivery Skills class
“Lynda is awesome, very passionate...she is great! Lynda is top-notch. She is worth the time or investment.
— Attendee at recent Delivery Skills class
I think you’re fantastic and have so much information. I really enjoyed the one-on-one. Lynda provided very valuable feedback on my presentation skills...This is a very valuable tool we can apply to our job and we should take advantage of every second we have in class. Thank you for a fantastic job!
— Attendee at e recent Delivery Skills class
Lynda, you did an excellent job. You are a fantastic instructor and you delivered some very valuable information in such a clever and fun atmosphere.
— Attendee at a recent Delivery Skills class
Lynda’s presentation was terrific! Very dynamic, informative, and useful.
— LD // Attorney, Ober Kaler
In my career as an advance clinical practitioner working in administration, my biggest struggle has been with enunciation and grammar. However, during the “Successfully Speaking” course I have learned so much about how to speak with different tones, calming nervousness, subject-verb agreement, adding “s” to the endings of words when appropriate and creating PowerPoint presentations (writing and presenting). Many of the techniques Mrs. Lynda taught in class are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily professional lives. Mrs. Lynda has a very neutral, engaging way of teaching and interacting with the class, no matter your professional status or your comfort level. I think that many LBH employees can benefit, as I have.
— Tamika Gladney RN-BC, MSN, CNS // Clinical Nurse Specialist, Acute Care Services
Before taking this class I was not confident when public speaking or presenting to large groups of people. I became nervous and awkward. I really didn’t know how it felt to “own the room.” Now I feel much more confident and secure and have the tools to handle anxiety and fear. Peer review and videotaping was effective for me and provided me the opportunity to improve each week and work on my verbal and visual skills. The techniques and skills that I developed will definitely help me to present my ideas and data in a more effective way and help to portray a positive image for my profession and workplace.
— Mary C. Wallace RN, BSN, CIC // Manager, Infection Prevention and Control, Northwest Hospital
I thought the training session was fantastic, and attacked the issues of public presentation from several angles. The trainer, Lynda Katz Wilner, also did a great deal to customize the session to the particulars of our industry.
Lynda had a number of unique approaches which I had not learned about from any previous media trainer. For example we learned techniques for preserving our voice when forced to give presentations in a loud convention floor environment, or when presenting very early in the morning or late at night. This information will come in very handy in our field!
Lynda also had a talent which I found particularly amazing: as she stepped through her own presentation in perfect form, she was able, seemingly effortlessly, to step in and out of character, demonstrating both the correct technique and several possible incorrect techniques. The incorrect techniques were delivered with such authenticity that it was much easier to imagine oneself making that mistake and to visualize the road to avoiding it.
— Brian Reynolds // President, Big Huge Games, Timonium, MD

Accent Modification Online Course

Lynda Katz Wilner, certified Speech and Language Pathologist, is offering online, individual and group accent modification classes to improve your communication skills and pronunciation of the English language. 

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