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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Professionals have excellent technical knowledge. As they advance in their career, there are increasing demands for communicating within and outside  the organization. Those  STEM professionals who have not had extensive experience in public speaking may seek out coaching to help gain confidence and skills to communicate succinctly and to deliver powerful presentations. The scientific model may not be the best way to communicate with executives and decision makers. Non-native English speaking professionals encounter added challenges in communication.   Find out how we can help you achieve excellent communication.


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I enjoyed everything about the class teaching me many skills I can utilize to calm my nerves. The tips you gave are huge, helping me to be more cognizant of my stance in the future. I am my worst enemy. The only improvement I would make is taking more classes from you. You are awesome.
— Sue Fisher Carr, One Step Filter Needle
I’ve attended Lynda’s class, and within 2 hours I’ve got more insights about successful public speaking than I ever had. The class was filled with a warm friendly atmosphere, and I felt very comfortable. Lynda was able to work individually with each of us within the group class format, and even when she was addressing other people’s issues, it was very relevant to me as well. Being not a native English speaker, I am always worried about my presentation skills, but after Lynda’s class, I feel much more confident speaking. I can see that I’ve improved a lot based on the feedback from my audiences, and I am sure I can become a very good speaker if I continue to implement Lynda’s recommendations. Thank you, Lynda!
— Olena Lar, Biotechnology, Molecular and Synthetic Biology
Lynda evaluated the level of my English skills, analyzed the gaps in my pronunciation, and developed a customized course for reducing my accent. She gave me a lot of well-developed materials, including her own books, such as RULES, RULES by the Sound stories, RULES by the Sound platform, with the set of audios, and the Color Vowel Chart. Lynda also gave me article and Culture Gap books.

We worked vigorously ten 90-minute sessions to address the key gaps in my pronunciation. I was impressed by the way Lynda was working. A highly trained professional, she used a variety of techniques working on reducing my accent. At the end of the training, Lynda evaluated my progress by comparing my initial introduction speech with the final record of the same content. We all saw the obvious improvement in my pronunciation, intonation, and the tone of my voice.

This course not only gave me the important basics, of how to improve pronunciation but also changed my way of listening. Before, I mainly followed the speech content and did not pay so much attention to pronunciation. Now, when I am watching TV or listening to the radio, I am paying more attention to people’s pronunciations, and sometimes I even repeat words after them.

I am glad I had this opportunity to work with such a great professional and wonderful person as Lynda. I will continue working on reducing my accent and I believe now that it is possible. Thank you, Lynda for this opportunity.
— LK, Director of Medical Writing Operations
Modifying and accent of a non-English speaker can be compared to training for a marathon; it is a journey, and it requires discipline and consistency. The progress is noticed in little pieces but is absolutely REWARDING. Making time among other several priorities in our super busy days is not in any way, shape or form easy. So, clear guidance and constant follow-up are needed. Here is where Lynda’s direction is critical in this process. After the first assessment, she identifies areas for improvement and develops a customized program for you to work on. Having someone to ensure accountability makes all the difference in this process. I totally encourage foreign speakers to start benefiting from Lynda’s training. And back to my comparison to a marathon, it is hard, requires discipline, but crossing the “finish line” would give you a great feeling of accomplishment.
— Analene Santos, Corporate Audit Director, Florida, USA
(The Successfully Speaking course) helps me to increase confidence in communication with people. This class helped me (make) great improvement in attending the Conference and giving two presentations.
— Research Scientist // Army Research Laboratory
I reached out to Lynda to help address a French accent I had developed from living abroad as a child. At our first session, she was able to quickly identify weak spots in my pronunciation, some of which I wasn’t even aware of. I was especially impressed at her ability to come up with customized training exercises that focused on just what I needed to help me improve the most. The exercises were very effective in helping me overcome this hurdle and contribute to my overall growth in life. I would highly recommend the training to others who would like to address their own struggles with accents.
— Andre N’Guettia // Program Analyst
I really enjoyed the class. I would like to take it again in the future so I can see if I have been able to successfully implement all the skills discussed in class…..I am more aware of the issues I need to address in order to become an effective public speaker. I have specific areas to focus on when preparing a speech. I hope that I will be able to apply the skills I’ve learned in this class to all of my future presentations which will increase my ability to advance within the organization.
— Amy Finch, Ph.D. // Chemist, Army Research Laboratory
I liked the emphasis to always think of every speech (from answering a question in the elevator, to giving a keynote presentation at a conference) in terms of what is the key message I want to get across, and how to say it in as few words as possible….My verbal abilities were already pretty good, but my non-verbal cues probably improved a lot………..This course helped me improve my ability to make good sales pitches to potential sponsors (where stating and restating the key points in short, succinct sentences) is important, which will improve my career in all areas.
— Electronics Engineer // Army Research Laboratory
Successful IT projects are often the result of excellent communication between the business and technology. Lingual and cultural communication issues can make success difficult. The Successfully Speaking program helped our staff to better understand and pronounce the English language which, in turn, made them much more effective at their jobs. The group who were trained grew in camaraderie and confidence as their communication with others improved. This investment in talented staff has really paid off!
— Marion Mullauer // CIO, Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc.
Thank you for your excellent support to the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in the area of language and communication skills development for our scientists and engineers.
Skilled people are the heart of a research laboratory such as ARL. For our scientists and engineers, one of the most important skills is the ability to communicate their work and its potential benefits to sponsors and users. You have had a superb customer-focused approach – working with us to develop appropriate programs for improving these skills. All of your efforts, in both individual and small group formats, for language skills for those with English as a second language and briefing, presentation and speaking skills were on the mark.
A tribute to the effectiveness of your various programs is the number of participants who have personally sought out ARL managers to thank them for providing your services to assist them.
— Joseph J. Rocchio // Deputy Director, Department of the Army, US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Army Research Laboratory

Accent Modification Online Course

Lynda Katz Wilner, certified Speech and Language Pathologist, is offering online, individual and group accent modification classes to improve your communication skills and pronunciation of the English language. 

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