Successfully Speaking for Native and Non-Native Speakers

Your team is diverse. You have people from all walks of life. They are smart and hard-working but there can be obstacles in communication that slow things down. There are a large percentage of STEM graduates in the United States who are non-native English speakers. There are specific barriers that these graduates face when entering the workforce that are different from native speakers. But, it is important for everyone to communicate efficiently and effectively.  Employees often make presentations to customers, their team, at conferences, and to marketing departments. Many businesses offer communication training for their employees but most do not address the unique set of challenges that non-native speaker's face.

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The 3 V's of Professional Presence

The 3 V's are designed to help your team improve their communication skills by focusing on the Visual, Vocal and Verbal and how they impact communication.

This technique is used to:

  • Refine your voice to reduce common miscommunication and improve productivity.
  • Give presentations with clarity, confidence and ease.
  • Improve your pronunciation to prevent the need for clarification and repetition.

Accent Modification in the Workplace:

When foreign or regional accents or communication styles interfere with an employee's performance, Human Resources (HR) Professionals may seek out support services to address these issues. They are often unsure how to describe the process or approach the employee. "Communication Skills Training" is a broad term that is neutral and non-threatening.



Successfully Speaking is a communication skills consulting company that assists individuals, groups, and organizations achieve excellence in communication. Training is conducted in our Owings Mills, MD office, at your workplace, or by distance training on the internet.



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I really appreciate the constructive and beneficial feedback that you gave after our evaluation session. I am listening to it again and again. I cannot describe what I discovered when I was listening to the recorded session....again, I am a lucky trainee to have you as a knowledgeable coach who can give the accurate feedback.

You are just a miracle for anyone who wants to be a good and real English speaker!
— Moheyaldeen Assaf, English Language Instructor at King Saud University for Health Sciences, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

I consider Lynda, of Successfully Speaking, as a communication coach whose training can be useful for both native and non-native English speakers. The training helped me discover several rules and structures of the English language that are often overlooked in corporate and personal communication by native and non-native English speakers. I have discovered that English phonetics/sound can be as complex and rhythmic as the sound of romance languages.
The training was a good investment in my personal and professional development. I have become more confident when I communicate with colleagues, vendors, and strangers. It is great that I will still have access to the materials, the ESL RULES platform and the videos, when the training is over so that I can continue on improving my communication skills.
— EV // Catholic Relief Services

This training has sharpened my tongue and ears in a very short period of time. This is an extremely effective training program. I wish I had taken it much earlier……It’s tailor-made to focus on my areas for improvement….a great mixture of training courses/materials, pronunciation, words linking, story reading, CDs, videotaping of presentation, etc……It’s great! I can’t think of any particular area for improvement.
— Herran Wu, Ph.D. // Vice President, Research & Development, MedImmune, Inc.