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- Executive Coaching Testimonials -

Lynda’s presentation was terrific! Very dynamic, informative, and useful.
— LD // Attorney, Ober Kaler
It’s never too late to learn! I’ve learned new skills to help me to be heard when speaking with men, and I sharpened my speaking skills overall. Thanks again for all of your lessons, suggestions, and materials. I will continue to use the skills learned from my sessions with you not only in my business interactions and presentations, but in interactions with people outside of my work. And, I will keep working toward positive, effective communications. It was a pleasure working with you and learning from you.
— LE // HR Generalist
Lynda is an excellent coach and tailors her approach according to both the needs of the business and the individual client. Her overall partnering skills are excellent, identifying appropriate touch-points throughout the engagement to ensure alignment and focus on skill improvement.
— Cecilia P. Matthews // Director, Corporate Capabilities, MedImmune
I recently completed a Successfully Speaking course with Lynda Katz Wilner. Being multi-lingual and growing up speaking what is typically referred to as the Queens English; I was initially at odds as to why my Vice President had asked that I take the course. But in working with Lynda, her patience, understanding and attention to detail was very instrumental in my understanding some opportunities I had and created solutions to remedy them. In working with Lynda I identified the right pace at which conversation should take place, the right choice of words to use in the work place, and what syllables I should stress in certain words. This could account for why I was constantly being misunderstood.
The course was very beneficial to my continued growth and success and I would highly recommend it to corporate executives with similar opportunities as mine. Thank you!
— Chimaobi Chijioke

- Executive Coaching Workshop Testimonials -

Your Successfully Speaking workshop was engaging, educational and motivational! The 3 V’s, that you spoke about – Visual, Vocal and Verbal Communication each play such an important role in how one present’s themselves when speaking to any size audience. Specifically the acronym SOFTEN – Smile at people, Open posture, Forward lean, Touch-use a warm and firm handshake, Engaging eye contact, Nod-encourage speaker to continue and show that you are listening were tips that I can’t wait to put into motion in my next public speaking forum.
— Jenny Seidman // Wellness Coordinator, THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Your Successfully Speaking class has been sometimes tough on me but I am amazed how often I remember things right before a meeting or a presentation, such as: ‘project your voice’, ‘collect your talking points before you walk in a meeting room’, ‘use the correct intonation’, ‘loosen and relax your jaw and mouth’, ‘vowels make the sound not consonants’ etc. I am the best student in taking a class, passing the final test and then forgetting everything within two months. For whatever reason I keep unpacking what you taught me and every word still looks like a wave to me. Last year, we renovated and added on to our house. ………..the architect asked if he could send the renovation to HGTV. They are now coming after they made sure that my wife’s and my voice are suitable for a TV show. We went through two telephone interviews and two short videos. I am sure your class helped because I remembered to work my voice and give the best technical explanation.
— Armin Groeschel // Director of Finance, Atapco Properties, Inc.
After taking the Successfully Speaking Sessions with Lynda Katz Wilner I could see a big improvement in my awareness of my speech patterns. I’m now able to catch myself when I am speaking and when my subjects and verbs don’t agree. Not only am I catching myself, but I am able to catch others in meetings and public settings. In a very short time she was able to begin correcting my southern accent; with continued practice I am sure that this problem will be corrected.
Lynda is very easy to work with and makes you feel really relaxed during the speech sessions. She was very flexible and really great at accommodating my challenging schedule; she always had a time that worked great for me. Thanks for the great learning experience!
— Lee G. // Supervisor in the Insurance Industry
I want to thank you for your valuable input and the tips you gave me. My speech at Church on Sunday was very well received and everyone said they loved it. I took your advice and didn’t write the speech out…..I thank you again from the bottom of my heart because without your help I don’t think my speech would have had the impact on the audience that it did. Everything I said came naturally from me as opposed to being stiffly read from a piece of paper.
— Adolph Hanson
I just wanted to thank you so much again for your presentation to our group. I was at a show last night and I had you in my back pocket. I loved your presentation so very much. It helped me so much and you were such a wonderful teacher and trainer. I felt so confident last night when I was presenting to a group and all the things you talked about came rushing back to my mind. I kept my hands right in the middle of my body and was calm and used my breath and all the other things you talked about. You really made such an impact on me and I know the whole group. Thank you so much again!
— Christine Herrmann // Image Consultant/Manager, Jafra Cosmetics International
I was so impressed with your presentation that I actually did not take my eyes off of you, I didn’t even look at my phone! Thanks.
— Stacy Gillis // Advanced Video Systems
When I began researching professional speaking courses online, I had no idea I would meet such a thoughtful, kind and genuine instructor. I really enjoyed our one-on-one sessions because you truly personalized the course for my needs and target areas. Not only has my diction improved but my confidence has heightened since completing the training course. I would recommend your professional speaking course to anyone looking to improve their verbal communication skills. Your course has truly added value to my life. I look forward to signing up again!
— J. Leigh // Social Insurance Specialist, Social Security Administration
Lynda Katz Wilner helped me raise the effectiveness of my verbal and non-verbal business communication which I am pleased to say is generating positive results. Her program is well thought out and systematic, but also customized to work on the skills that I needed to improve upon the most. After she completed a baseline measurement, we focused on the areas that needed the most improvement. She pointed out new strategies at each session that I would work on during my business day or individually. Each session was an opportunity for me to share my results and begin new skill training to achieve new objectives. I highly recommend Successfully Speaking and Lynda Katz Wilner to business professionals who are motivated to improve their communication skills in their professional and personal life.
— A.D. // Account Executive, Baltimore, MD
It has been a very good learning experience for me. Sixteen hours of training makes me aware of the areas to focus on, provides the tools and simple solutions to work on, and even improved my performance already in some aspects. I am confident that I will see more benefit in the future as I start applying the techniques and rules learned in this course. Ms. Wilner is very flexible and willing to tailor the training materials and content to meet the individual’s immediate needs. She is very resourceful and able to provide useful references and materials for my further development in other areas.
— Associate Director of R & D Finance
I wanted to take the time to thank you for your help these last 7 weeks. I wasn’t sure what to think going into this, but wow was it fun. It’s unbelievable to see the results from our first session to the last session. I have the tape to prove it. You have transferred my speaking from using word fillers and run on sentences to feeling much more comfortable and relaxed speaking with clients. The pausing and slowing down sends a clean and powerful message. I highly recommend using Lynda for any issues you may have when presenting a speech or for everyday talking.
— Greg Stacho // Landscape Designer, Simonds Nursery, Inc

- Scientists, Engineers, and Information Technology Professionals: Communication Skills Training -

The Successfully Speaking course provided pragmatic and accessible directions to improve both the structure and delivery of my presentations. The class was also revealing in enabling me to step back from a subject I’m too familiar with, and then structure a talk that makes sense from the audiences perspective.
— William Benard, Ph.D. // Cleanroom Manager, Army Research Laboratory
(The Successfully Speaking course) helps me to increase confidence in communication with people. This class helped me (make) great improvement in attending the Conference and giving two presentations.
— Research Scientist // Army Research Laboratory
At the beginning of the course I could definitely feel butterflies in my stomach when I got up to speak, but as we interacted, my confidence level rose, and I was actually able to successfully defend my Master’s thesis when attending the course. This confidence boost was due to the interactive exercises in the course, and learning how to really prepare for a talk and feel comfortable with the structure and delivery. I would highly recommend! (the Successfully Speaking course)
— Wayne Churaman, M.S. // Electronics Engineer, Army Research Laboratory
My public speaking skills definitely improved – I learned how to relax before the presentation, how to prepare a speech, create “focus” points within it, and make transitions between parts of presentation. The course provided a lot of useful tips. It helped me to recognize the importance of the “body language” and the “eye-contact” in my daily communications. At the end of the course I have better control of my presentation flow and rhythm. Also, I learned that I have to improve my “voice projection” abilities and literally “train” my voice by practicing special vocal exercises.
What really helped a lot was the ability to see myself from a spectator side by watching video recordings after classes. The course material also provided useful knowledge of what is important for delivering a good presentation – how to organize the material, the number of main ideas and how to keep the audience listening. Every aspect from “body language” to “speech habits” was covered.
— Nikolay Ter-Gabrielyan, Ph.D. // Physicist, Army Research Laboratory
I really enjoyed the class. I would like to take it again in the future so I can see if I have been able to successfully implement all the skills discussed in class…..I am more aware of the issues I need to address in order to become an effective public speaker. I have specific areas to focus on when preparing a speech. I hope that I will be able to apply the skills I’ve learned in this class to all of my future presentations which will increase my ability to advance within the organization.
— Amy Finch, Ph.D. // Chemist, Army Research Laboratory
I liked the emphasis to always think of every speech (from answering a question in the elevator, to giving a keynote presentation at a conference) in terms of what is the key message I want to get across, and how to say it in as few words as possible….My verbal abilities were already pretty good, but my non-verbal cues probably improved a lot………..This course helped me improve my ability to make good sales pitches to potential sponsors (where stating and restating the key points in short, succinct sentences) is important, which will improve my career in all areas.
— Electronics Engineer // Army Research Laboratory
Successful IT projects are often the result of excellent communication between the business and technology. Lingual and cultural communication issues can make success difficult. The Successfully Speaking program helped our staff to better understand and pronounce the English language which, in turn, made them much more effective at their jobs. The group who were trained grew in camaraderie and confidence as their communication with others improved. This investment in talented staff has really paid off!
— Marion Mullauer // CIO, Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc.
I have always wanted to be a top-notch speaker. This course, while not giving ‘instant results’ that we crave, gives me the tools, techniques, and confidence that will allow me to reach my goal of being an excellent speaker. If I don’t reach that goal, it is because I did not use all the tools Lynda gave me. Of all the training I have taken, this, without a doubt, is the most useful. It will benefit me for the rest of my life.
— RH, Ph.D. // Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD
Thank you for your excellent support to the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in the area of language and communication skills development for our scientists and engineers.
Skilled people are the heart of a research laboratory such as ARL. For our scientists and engineers, one of the most important skills is the ability to communicate their work and its potential benefits to sponsors and users. You have had a superb customer-focused approach – working with us to develop appropriate programs for improving these skills. All of your efforts, in both individual and small group formats, for language skills for those with English as a second language and briefing, presentation and speaking skills were on the mark.
A tribute to the effectiveness of your various programs is the number of participants who have personally sought out ARL managers to thank them for providing your services to assist them.
— Joseph J. Rocchio // Deputy Director, Department of the Army, US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Army Research Laboratory
Several of the members of the Electrochemistry Branch have taken several courses on Presentation skills and Accent modification. They all unanimously thought it very worthwhile and most would like to continue. F.K. gave a widely acknowledged, excellent talk at the Power Sources Conference after taking the Presentation course and credited the course for his success. He would like to be able to continue improving his skills. As many of the EC branch have English as a second language, they have also expressed interest in continuing their accent modification training.
— Cindy Lundgren, Ph.D. // Branch Chief, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD
Thank you for delivering such a terrific presentation on Public Speaking. Definitely one of the best I have seen. We will continue in conversations with you so you can be part of the EMC university program from now on. It will be very beneficial to all accented employees to attend your workshop!
— Marisol Arroyave // Project Manager, EMC Corporation

- International Clergy Testimonials -

Having had the pleasure of working with Ms Lynda Katz Wilner for more than three years, I can attest to the spirit of excellence and professionalism she conveys in assisting our international clergy in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Successfully Speaking is now part of the program we utilize to introduce priests arriving from other countries who are assigned to serve the people of West Virginia for a given period of time. The Diocese remains grateful for the priests’ commitment to serve the needs of our people but, often times, their assignments are accompanied by a number of concerns raised by local parishioners who have a difficult time hearing and/or understanding their priests. Lynda has taken time to work with our priests on an individual basis. As well, she consults with others in parish settings in gleaning progress reports for her clients. The results of her dedicated service with our priests have been duly recognized by other priests and parishioners alike. Lynda carefully evaluates our international priests, assesses their particular needs and customizes a program to help them in all facets of their lives in the United States. I am particularly convinced of her methods in that I see our international priests gain confidence for themselves in public speaking engagements. Their learned skills from the Successfully Speaking program assist them in liturgical celebrations and reports received from parishioners indicate genuine improvement. I am pleased to recommend Successfully Speaking to any individual or corporation.
— Rev. Msgr. Anthony Cincinnati, S.T.D. // V.E. Episcopal Vicar for Clergy
Successfully Speaking has been of genuine assistance to our international clergy as they try to modify their native accents to accommodate the listener in the American pew. The application of phone and computer communication to the learning process has been particularly helpful considering the distances involved in a diocese that covers the entire state of West Virginia. I recommend Successfully Speaking and Lynda Katz Wilner to assist in addressing the needs of your international clergy.
— Rev. Monsignor Frederick P. Annie, V.E. // Episcopal Vicar for Clergy, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston
I feel very happy to be a part of Successfully Speaking classes. I thank you for molding me in terms of speaking better language. I have learned words from your training like “V”, “W”, and “R” sounds. I am a fast person and I speak fast and, with the training, I learned to speak slowly and to communicate well with people. I learned to improve a lot with your training. I had learned how to stress and where to pause while speaking. Thank you very much for helping me with your classes.
— Father Kumar Sravan, Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, WV, Catholic Priest
I very much appreciated the clarity and skillfulness of Mrs. Lynda. I improved a lot in my pronunciation and accent. Above all, now I can understand other people more. Thanks very much, Mrs. Lynda.
— Fr. Thomas Kalapurackal, Associate Pastor, St. // Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Beckley, WV

After 8 More Sessions

Lynda Katz Wilner as a person and as a teacher is a wonderful woman. She makes learning easy. God bless her. And I am grateful to the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston for considering me for Successfully Speaking English courses from which I truly benefited a lot. It was nice working with Lynda. Her guidance and teaching has instilled in me a hope and confidence that ‘I can’ speak like an American. Time spent with her was not time lost but time gained. Once again, thank you so much.
— Father Anil Gonsalves // Associate Pastor, St. Anthony Church, Charleston, WV
This training is so perfect that I do not have a better way of looking at it. There is no room for improvement; it is a well organized and student friendly. I am so pleased with the whole program. It was very useful for me in the field of my profession and life. I found a very sincere and honest approach from the part of the trainer to the improvement my language skills. I can really feel a great change in my language now compared to my language before I began the course. A much appreciated and praiseworthy work. Thank you very much…
— Reverend Joseph Augustine // Wierton, West Virginia
I just wanted to briefly remark on the effectiveness of your program. While serving as a priest here in West Virginia I have been in contact with many brother priests who hail from other environs who often bring with them a heavily “non-American” accent. The common struggle between their wanting to be understood and their congregations’ desire to understand has been greatly reduced by your “successfully speaking” course. Most recently, I have noticed a significant positive response from the parishioners here in Parkersburg as Fr. Golla has applied himself and responded to your practical and accessible program. Thank you for your assistance with our clergy here in West Virginia.
— Fr. Eric Hall
I thank you whole-heartedly for shaping me and molding me in terms of speaking the language better. I receive many good words from people day by day for the improvement that they see in me. It is no doubt that you deserve lots of thanks from me. I pray that the good Lord who gave you these wonderful talents and skills may also help you in all your undertakings.
I have gained a lot through this course, especially in communicating with others, understanding others better, and there is a lot of improvement in “w,” “v,” and “r” sounds. I have even had feedback stating that they can see a lot of improvement. This course has been beneficial to me because of the content and because of the trainer’s expertise, patience, organizational skills and kindness, willingness to help. So I am grateful to you for everything and looking forward to continued sessions with you.
It is true that when I was assigned in a Parish where I had to exercise my sacraments, it felt very difficult to make people understand and I was trying somehow to finish up the work that I was entrusted. But now due to this special course (Successfully Speaking), I am able to stand boldly in communicating well to the Parishners and all the people wherever I go and whomever I meet in day-to-day life. I can genuinely say that this Successfully Speaking English course had a great impact on me in developing myself in communication with others. Thanking you sincerely.
— Father Yesu Golla // St. Francis Xavier, Parkersburg, WV
With much apprehension I started the language course with Lynda Katz Wilner because I thought I had pretty good communication skills and people understood me well. I was wrong! Through the course offered by Lynda Katz Wilner, I realized my shortness in my accent as well as in my communication. The assistance of Lynda Katz Wilner helped me to realize the areas of my shortfall and how to correct them. The CDs and books were very helpful. Her recommendations and guidance were so helpful that I could concentrate on them week by week and make improvements. Though there are certain areas that I need to work more, still I feel more confident in my English language and American accent. The use of distant study program using webcam/Skype was helpful to me because of my heavy schedule at my work. It was like sitting in my living room and attending a classroom in Maryland. I want to thank the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston for providing this opportunity to master my communication skills.
— Rev. Vincent Joseph, Pastor // St. John the Evangelist Church, Wellsburg, WV
I want to testify to the fact that Lynda has been one of my favorite on-line teachers of all times. I am so grateful for having her. (I learned) to speak slowly, enunciate articulately, and listen actively. (The training was) designed around the time that I am available to have the class. She has helped me to be a better person. Lynda’s kindness, patience, and courtesy is very commendable.
— Father Livinus Uba // Pastor
Huntington, WV
This program is amazing! I can confidently say that throughout these 16 weeks of classes, my English pronunciation has improved so much. My parishioners have made comments that I have less of an accent now when I talk with them. Recently I spent couple weeks on vacation in the Midwest and people made comments that among the Indonesian priests they met, I have the clearest pronunciation. It was so encouraging to hear those comments. So, I would highly recommend this program especially to priests and religious ministers from other countries working here in the States. Thank you Ms. Lynda for working with me and being patient during these past 16 weeks.
— Fr. Matheus Ro // Gassaway, WV
The training was very effective in my daily communication because as a priest I do encounter people daily during the celebration of the Sacraments, in counseling, in business life, etc. Hence, the need and necessity for me to communicate better and to be heard and understood is of vital importance because it would abrogate any misunderstanding arising from people not hearing or understanding me because of my native accent. This training has aided me to speak slowly, enunciate those words that need to be enunciated and avoid unnecessary words that need not be enunciated in a sentence. Also, it has made me conscious of the rhymes, rhythms and different sounds of American English and how they play out in everyday communication, for example, the ‘ing’ endings of words, compound nouns, the ‘r’, ‘th’ sounds etc.
This training program has affected my work and personal life in a positive light: I have received sincere and genuine compliments from parishioners that they can now hear and understand me better. A case in point was when one of the seniors in my parish brought to my attention that she could hear and understand me better now at Mass than she did before, especially during the homily. A shocker though it was; nevertheless, I owe such a compliment and gratitude to this program for aiding me to achieve this milestone.
On a personal level, I am beginning to notice the switch and shift from how I sounded some months ago, prior to undergoing this training, and now. Also, I am becoming more conscious now, when the unconscious tendency is to recluse to my native accent, I find myself struggling not to do that and the effect is that I tend to repeat a word or sentence.
The program content, materials, videotaping, etc. were of immense help to me both during and after the sessions because they were goal specific. Thus, each of the sessions was aimed at working at a particular sound or speech pattern and these sounds or speech patterns were carried out both during and outside the sessions. The videotaping, while enabling me to witness first -hand how I sounded, impelled me to work hard on those areas I need to effect necessary change to sound better and clearer. Definitely, I would not hesitate to provide a reference to anybody who is in dire need of speech modification or accent adjustment.
— AO, Catholic Priest
People around me, within a few weeks into the course, noticed improved speech. They could understand me more clearly. Over 50% of my job requires me to be speaking publicly to people. It is important that people understand what I say to them. This course has helped me considerably in communicating my message to the audience. I am convinced they understand me better now and that is very important to me.
This is the third accent adjustment program I have done. I was a little skeptical in the beginning of the class about how much more it will help me. From the very first section I had with Lynda, I knew the class was going to be exciting. Even though this class requires a lot of work, I did not feel bored working with her. She was nice, patient and caring as she walked me through the difficult pronunciations and intonation patterns. When I felt a little bit frustrated that I could not pronounce a word correctly or stress a word correctly, she smiled and reassured me that I could. Of the three classes that I have taken, I will definitely rate this as the best. I have learned much more from this class than the other two combined. This class was helpful to me and I will recommend it without any hesitations to anyone who wants to adjust his accent to the American accent.
— BO, Catholic Priest

- Medical Professional Testimonials -

I have purchased Lynda Katz Wilner’s and Marjorie Feinstein’s Medically Speaking Rules book over and over again for my healthcare based clients. There are so many great exercises that are relevant to health care professionals–I appreciate most the sound-loaded paragraph readings which I use for not only sound production but intonation, rate of speech and American rhythm exercises. For trainers who are looking for materials to use with their medical clients, this is a great resource!
— Lynda Stucky, President // Clearly Speaking
MC is showing great improvement in her accent. I am glad that she had an opportunity to attend this class, and I really appreciate your help.
— MP // Director, HIS, Doctors Community Hospital
RT told me earlier this week that she was thrilled with what she learned in the classes. She said she is practicing daily and is noticing a difference in how well she is understood. She would like to come back again.
— Diane Van Hassel, RN BSN // Director 4th floor Medical/Surgical/Orthopedics, Doctors Community Hospital
Thank you for all of your effort. The outstanding and obvious change that we noticed is she has slowed down her speech which helps us to understand her better. Thanks for your help.
— Sheryle Kehl R.N. CCRN // Critical Care Clinical Instructor, Doctors Community Hospital, Lanham, Maryland
Thank you so much for the wonderful and outstanding accent modification and presentation workshop and the detailed video summary. This training program was so unique, helpful and comprehensive. I learned a lot in this event and really enjoyed it. But, it will take a while for us to digest what we have learned and to practice! Hopefully, my pronunciation will improve soon. At least I am doing my best to pay more attention to the pronunciation of single words. Many thanks.
— S.Y., MD, Instructor // Partners Healthcare
I started my “Successfully Speaking” program with Lynda in the summer this year (2006). English is not my first language. Lynda helped me to improve my pronunciation, the stress patterns and linking of words such that my presentation is not as choppy as before, and one of the most beneficial outcomes from this class is Lynda taught me how to listen to my own errors and identify them. I guess one can’t improve without knowing what needs to be improved. I really appreciate Lynda’s help in improving my speech.
— T.T. // Manager, Health Care Industry
I am writing to share with you the excellent news and to thank you once again!
I took my OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) test in order to obtain my Maryland medical License, and my score was the highest possible: Advanced High!! I also took the TOEFL and did great. I completed all my requirements and already have my Maryland Medical License.
Ever since taking the course with you, I feel more comfortable talking to my colleagues and I can communicate my ideas better in public.
Lynda, I could not have done it without all your help and Dr. R’s support. Thank you again!
— RE, M.D. // Family Medicine Resident, Franklin Square Medical Center
I really enjoyed going through the course in the past few months. You were very effective in bringing to my attention my problem areas in pronunciation and intonation. I believe that after practicing with you during the sessions and with your CDs, I have been able to correct most of those problems. I have noticed that my transcriptionists make fewer errors and leave fewer blanks on my dictated reports.
The last sessions on presentations were also very helpful in helping me reorganize my slides to make my points more clearly. I am planning on using your feed-back in the future when I prepare for major speeches. On a personal note, I felt very comfortable working with you and appreciated your friendliness and professionalism. Thank you for everything.
— Gabriel Soudry, M.D. // Director, Nuclear Medicine Section, Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD

- Medically Speaking Training Program -

My clients who work in the healthcare field have made significant positive changes in their ability to be understood as a result of practicing with Medically Speaking and Medically Speaking RULES. The exercises are specifically designed for professionals working in the medical community. Issues that have a major impact on patient / care provider communication are addressed, positively affecting patients’ quality of healthcare.
— Shelly Wallace // Associate Director, Xavier University Leadership Center, Intercultural Communication Group
I’d like to express my excitement about your training materials! I have used RULES, Medically Speaking, and Medically Speaking RULES with several clients and have been very impressed with the results. One of my clients recently completed Medically Speaking successfully and insisted on purchasing Medically Speaking RULES to further enhance her speaking skills. Your programs are the best I’ve seen for improvement in word stress and intonation patterns with relevant, challenging vocabulary and helpful grammar activities. Thank you for providing these effective materials.
— Sandra Wroblewski // Accent Aware, Wheaton, IL
I purchased Medically Speaking, the Medical Speaking Inventory, and RULES at the Seattle TESOL Conference. I am writing to let you know how fantastic I think your programs are. I had been using a variety of different textbooks, but your program is far superior to all of them. I was formerly the Director of English Programs at a prestigious language school and have since quit to pursue my dreams of opening up an Accent Reduction Centre in Vancouver. Thanks for such a great product.
— Jennifer Yun Madigan // Director of Learning and Development, L2Accent Reduction Centre, Vancouver
Roberto Echiverri came to our program from Colombia. He was a wonderful intern. In addition to clinical skills, he was involved in research, designed web-sites and raised considerable amounts of money to fund community service projects. Our Spanish speaking patients loved seeing him and his continuity rates soared. He brought his patients in whenever they needed him, took all of their calls and translated for others.
I couldn’t understand him…not in conference, on the phone, or at the bedside. I certainly couldn’t understand him from the podium and, ironically, when he was invited to present in Barcelona, he had to present in English!
As faculty, we needed to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses in order to facilitate his learning, and, we needed to capitalize on his talent. Lacking an intervention, I guess I just convinced myself that things would improve over time. Then I met Lynda Katz Wilner and discovered Medically Speaking. There were tricks up her sleeve that most of us never pay attention to. Working with Roberto, she even had him demonstrate that he could go from a quiet, thick accent spoken through relatively closed lips to a booming John Wayne drawl. She used videos and scripts and practice recordings.
Behind the scenes, she and I would chat about language and about how other residencies could benefit from her program. Given the number of international graduates filling our primary care programs, and our focus on Culture and Communication along with the other ACGME Competencies, it seemed that her curriculum should be disseminated. She shared her ideas, I posed specific problems and we considered nuances to continue the process of adopting her materials to the needs of a residency program director. Medically Speaking RULES, by Lynda Katz Wilner and Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker, is the direct result of this collaboration.
In chatting with Roberto about his experience, he beams, “I used to have a gap every other line in my dictations, now I never have a gap!” This year Roberto received the 2007 AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education.
— Sallie Rixey MD, MEd // Family Medicine Residency Director, Franklin Square Hospital Center, Baltimore, MD

- Medically Speaking Training Materials -

She and her partner created this amazing book for medical professionals addressing every issue one can run into during practicing medicine.
— E.S., (M.D from Turkey)
We regularly used Lynda Katz Wilner and Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker’s materials with our clients in the medical field — they are brilliantly designed, and easy to use.
— Anne Golden // Director, The Intercultural Communication Group, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
(My student is using Medically Speaking: Accent Modification for the Medical Profession and) he is doing really well improving items like the /v/ sound which is not in Chinese. Also the syllable stress exercises are helping him a lot. The lessons/exercises are so well set up that he can use them on his own. My only job is to guide him to the important exercises, answer questions and make sure that he is copying the voice accurately.
— Elizabeth P. Barnes // Adjunct Professor of ESL, Harrisburg Area Community College
The materials you sent arrived this morning, and I have just finished listening to Disk 1. To say this is just what the doctor ordered is an understatement. This is going to help the doctor I’m tutoring so much. Thanks again. I LOVE the program! You really nailed it!!
(Six months later) Things went quite well with my docs last year. We had a 50% success rate. We worked with your materials, especially at first, when I felt that we really needed to concentrate on medical terminology. I think the program you put together is the only one in town….. I mean, there is nothing else out there that’s remotely comparable at all……
— Shannon Haig // Language Instructor, Reading Area Community College

- Accent Modification Testimonials -

I really appreciate the constructive and beneficial feedback that you gave after our evaluation session. I am listening to it again and again. I cannot describe what I discovered when I was listening to the recorded session....again, I am a lucky trainee to have you as a knowledgeable coach who can give the accurate feedback.

You are just a miracle for anyone who wants to be a good and real English speaker!
— Moheyaldeen Assaf, English Language Instructor at King Saud University for Health Sciences, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
I consider Lynda, of Successfully Speaking, as a communication coach whose training can be useful for both native and non-native English speakers. The training helped me discover several rules and structures of the English language that are often overlooked in corporate and personal communication by native and non-native English speakers. I have discovered that English phonetics/sound can be as complex and rhythmic as the sound of romance languages.
The training was a good investment in my personal and professional development. I have become more confident when I communicate with colleagues, vendors, and strangers. It is great that I will still have access to the materials, the ESL RULES platform and the videos, when the training is over so that I can continue on improving my communication skills.
— EV // Catholic Relief Services
This training has sharpened my tongue and ears in a very short period of time. This is an extremely effective training program. I wish I had taken it much earlier……It’s tailor-made to focus on my areas for improvement….a great mixture of training courses/materials, pronunciation, words linking, story reading, CDs, videotaping of presentation, etc……It’s great! I can’t think of any particular area for improvement.
— Herran Wu, Ph.D. // Vice President, Research & Development, MedImmune, Inc.
I am happy to tell you that I testified orally this week at a hearing in Massachusetts, i.e. my first oral testimony since I completed the Successfully Speaking course. I’d like to tell you that I felt a level of confidence that I didn’t think was there before. Not that I wasn’t sure about my subject matter capability, but there was very little doubt in me about how to say or pronounce certain key words. I didn’t have that level of confidence about my oral presentation before in all of my nearly twenty years as an expert witness. As for how the testimony was received, there were not many instances where I was asked to repeat – I think that only happened two or three times throughout a cross examination of me that lasted almost two hours. All the credit goes to your communication training program, “Successfully Speaking.” Thanks a lot, and I wish you the best in 2011.
— O.O., Ph.D.
I enjoyed my training sessions by Successfully Speaking presented by Ms. Lynda Wilner. First, through the test system I was “diagnosed” for major misuse of English words and sentences. Once the problems had been revealed, all the efforts were directed to fix or mitigate the existing flaws. The classes were well organized, perfectly conducted by Ms. Wilner and supported with additional audio material. What I liked the most was from the very beginning I was given the key to the understanding of the American sound system, stress patterns, and intonation. In the past, I dealt with English mainly through illustrative material (internet, books and dictionaries), where obviously good verbal skills cannot be developed. I believe all of the above helped me to improve my spoken English. I also liked that whenever I needed to better understand the grammar, I was immediately given excellent references with detailed explanations of the subject. I strongly recommend taking these classes especially to individuals willing to master their verbal skills in using modern American English.
— Tigran Sanamyan, Ph.D. // Army Research Laboratory
I took sixteen classes of Communication Skills and Accent Modification Training offered by Ms. Lynda Wilner. It has been a very good learning experience for me. The program is very practical and systematic, but also flexible to work on the skills that I needed to improve upon the most. She diagnosed my accent problems very accurately and offered various ways to correct them. The reference materials and RULES (CD), especially RULES BY THE SOUND, were excellent tools. I used them to practice and correct the mistakes quickly. The sound loaded paragraphs give me opportunities to practice challenging sounds with linking, stressing, and to become aware of mistakes.
Ms. Wilner is a great professional coach and also flexible to accommodate my schedule. She provides excellent programs to help individual growth in communication skills and accent modification. I would highly recommend her program.
— John Chang // Chief of Administrative Office Information and Technology Service, US Courts
As a Physical Scientist at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), communication and presentation skills play a vital role at work. I took a series of Professional Speaking Skills and Accent Modification class with Ms. Lynda Katz Wilner. I was so impressed by her abilities to identify the problems (such as final sounds, sound pattern linking, thought group, etc.), and to guide and solve those problems in my communications.
Her reading materials and CDs (RULES), especially RULES BY THE SOUND, were excellent tools to practice, find and correct the mistakes quickly. The sound loaded paragraphs give me opportunities to practice challenging sounds with linking, stressing and thinking simultaneously, and polish my verbal communication and public speaking.
My speeches have improved significantly at the word and sentence, conversation, and presentation levels. During the training, I got very positive feedback from conference presentations, Lab tours, and Toastmaster speeches.
Ms. Wilner is a great professional and advanced expert in this area that I have ever seen. She provides excellent programs to help individual growth in communication skills. I would highly recommend Successfully Speaking.
— Richard Fu, Ph.D. // Physical Scientist, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD
Lynda was great trainer; she helped me a lot……….I think I work and speak much better since I took the training. …it was amazing how my life can change just by speaking a little better. Now I am speaking slower and understanding faster.
— YM, Recruiter, Patient Care Services
I was born in India and came to the U.S. when I was thirty to pursue my MBA. For the past 10 years, I worked as a corporate Business Development and Sales Executive for hi-tech companies. Recently, the president of our company referred me to Successfully Speaking to help improve my accent and pronunciation. My basic goal is to speak clearly and ensure an audience understands my verbal communication and conversation. This is particularly important since, as part of my profession, I frequently make public speeches and presentations.
I took sixteen classes of accent modification offered by Ms. Lynda Wilner and began realizing the improvement right after my 4th class. She has not only diagnosed my accent problems very accurately but also taught me the various rules involved in stress patterns of adjective, nouns, words, and sentences, and how slowing down the speed of talking helps in delivering words clearly. The reading materials and CDs (RULES) she provided were excellent tools to practice at home and correct the mistakes quickly. I have improved and learned a lot from these classes that has enabled me to pronounce words accurately, polish my daily conversation, reduce the speed of speech, have better usage of words, and gain confidence in verbal communication and public speaking. Now, I feel more comfortable talking with my colleagues and communicating my ideas better in public for which I frequently get complimented upon.
Ms. Wilner is a great professional and friendly coach not only to work with her on the accent modification but also flexible to accommodate my schedules after or during working hours. I would highly recommend Successfully Speaking.
— R.N., Ph.D. // Business Development & Sales Executive
English is not my native language and I had some problems with communication in a business environment. Ms. Wilner quickly identified my problems and the corrective course. After I finished this customized training program, I now have a deeper understanding of the American English Sound System for consonants and vowels. I have increased the pitch variability for multi-syllable words and sentences. Both my communication skills and efficiency have improved significantly through this unique program.
From my own experience, I would say Ms. Wilner is an experienced instructor with an advanced level of expertise in this area. She provides an excellent program to help individuals interested in accent modification.
— SK, Accountant
Language modification is a great tool for professionals like myself who are looking to be part of the American Dream. The key to a successful career still remains the ability to communicate, not only well but clearly and effectively. Keep up the good work.
— Mansour Mbaye, CSR // Signature Flight Support, Washington Dulles Airport
The Successfully Speaking Class is a well worth English speaking class. I have benefited and learned a lot from the class, e.g. accurate pronunciation, better use of words, gained confidence, and in the area of public speaking. Also, I am now more sensitive to my speech and use of words than before. Occasionally, I am able to pick up the mistake and correct it immediately. In addition, it enabled me to correct and polish my daily conversation and enhanced my public speaking. Last week, I did a five minute presentation at a department meeting. With Lynda’s advice and assistance, I was able to present the material well and gained compliments from my team leader and co-workers.
— Elaine Hui // Baltimore Gas and Electric
I work for The Upside Down Organization in the Department of Staff Development as an Instructional Coach and Presenter. I came to the US ten years ago from Spain through an exchange program. My boss referred me to Successfully Speaking to seek help to improve my presentation delivery. At the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little bit skeptical about how much Ms. Wilner would be able to help me after all this years.
To my surprise, as I started to work with Ms. Wilner, I started to realize why, all this years, people would ask me to repeat myself, and why at times people perceived me as abrupt and sometimes angry. Learning what was I doing wrong and why helped me to modify it. Just being aware of my speech flaws and how to remediate them, made my stress level go down and my speech improved significantly. Now I can say the forbidden words without fear of being misunderstood: beach and sheet.
— Ana de Gea-Coombs // The Upside Down Organization
Working with Successfully Speaking has been one of the best moves I have made in my professional career. I was born in Africa, but now work as a corporate executive in the U.S. Prior to working with Lynda, I had great diction, construction and language structure, but little awareness of and focus on the stress patterns that characterize and distinguish American speech. My goal was not to acquire an American accent, but rather to be clear and succinct in my communication. This is particularly important as I make many public speeches and presentations. Understanding tone, voice inflection, stress patterns – both syllable and word stress – has significantly improved my ability to communicate to professional audiences around the country. Lynda has through our one on one phone sessions and the material in her RULES book, helped me to identify, listen for, recognize, self correct and consistently apply tone and stress patterns that make my speech easy to understand. She also has a great friendly coaching style! I would highly recommend Successfully Speaking.
— GG, Attorney
The Successfully Speaking Training Program was important to help me interact fluently with my guests, employees, and friends. I have achieved excellent communication skills during my current employment. Everything provided in the program was very specific, user friendly, and clear to understand. I look forward to building my career further based on this program.
— Ayub Kato // VistaHost, Inc., Hampton Inn-BWI, Assistant General Manager
I took private lessons with Marjorie and they were very helpful in improving my accent and pronunciation. The course workbook written by Marjorie and her colleague, Lynda Katz Wilner, is excellent in terms of contents and explaining the rules with examples. The practice exercises in the workbook are very effective. The course provided me with all I needed to know to improve my accent and it was customized for my individual needs. I am impressed with the instructor’s depth of expertise in speech pathology. It was a worthwhile investment for me!!
— V.S., Director, Merchant Asset Management from India
I really enjoyed learning how to improve my accent during Foreign Accent Modification Training. Lynda was very effective in bringing to my attention incorrect pronunciation patterns that I used. Specifically, I would like to mention Lynda’s outstanding instructional style and her attitude. In my opinion, Lynda’s program is well thought and organized. In addition, she focused on my most critical areas and helped me to elevate them.
— Database Administrator // UMCP
I will more than 100% always recommend this program to anyone whose first language is not English. It is very important to be able to communicate effectively with the people we associate with especially for those who are in the healthcare settings or in leadership. Please don’t wait. If you do you will only hurt yourself. If you believe in your dream you will make it happen. Thanks.
— G.A., Pharmacist // Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

- Professional and Public Speaking Testimonials -

I think that may have been the most valuable workshop I’ve ever attended in my life!
— Bracha Goetz, Author of children's books
I wanted to thank you for your presentation to our members and guests last Wednesday afternoon. The feedback I received was very positive, and the information you presented was very relevant and useful. In fact, over the past week, I have found myself incorporating several of the tips you presented.
The Hunt Valley Business Forum prides itself on offering our members valuable content and presentations that help them prosper in the business community. Your presentation was a home run.
On behalf of our members and board of directors, thank you!
— Carolyn Panzer, Executive Director, Hunt Valley Business Forum
Lynda was great! She covered a good amount of material in a short time and it wasn’t rushed. She taught very useful tricks that most would never think of during speech.
She was awesome. Enjoyed the training.
— CDL // Customer Service
Lynda’s energy and presence kept me interested the whole time.
Lynda was very effective in demonstrating the positive and negative styles while she was talking, which helped to lock in the concept for me.
— K. Higgins // Manager, Customer Service
I leaned quite a bit in this presentation. Lynda was very engaging and held my interest the whole time. Evaluating others helped me to realize the habits that I have and how best to correct them.
— J. Emlet // Customer Service Technician
In my career as an advance clinical practitioner working in administration, my biggest struggle has been with enunciation and grammar. However, during the “Successfully Speaking” course I have learned so much about how to speak with different tones, calming nervousness, subject-verb agreement, adding “s” to the endings of words when appropriate and creating PowerPoint presentations (writing and presenting). Many of the techniques Mrs. Lynda taught in class are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily professional lives. Mrs. Lynda has a very neutral, engaging way of teaching and interacting with the class, no matter your professional status or your comfort level. I think that many LBH employees can benefit, as I have.
— Tamika Gladney RN-BC, MSN, CNS // Clinical Nurse Specialist, Acute Care Services
Before taking this class I was not confident when public speaking or presenting to large groups of people. I became nervous and awkward. I really didn’t know how it felt to “own the room.” Now I feel much more confident and secure and have the tools to handle anxiety and fear. Peer review and videotaping was effective for me and provided me the opportunity to improve each week and work on my verbal and visual skills. The techniques and skills that I developed will definitely help me to present my ideas and data in a more effective way and help to portray a positive image for my profession and workplace.
— Mary C. Wallace RN, BSN, CIC // Manager, Infection Prevention and Control, Northwest Hospital
I began this program reluctantly because I felt I had no problem with my speech. After listening to myself on the recorded conversations with the trainer, I realized that my speech was flat because keywords were not stressed with the correct pitch. This program has enabled me to assume the burden of making myself more clear by speaking slowly, stressing keywords, and using the correct voice pitch when I speak rather than placing the burden on my listeners to figure out what I am saying. While there is room for improvements, I feel that my listeners understand me better now because I am not told to repeat myself as much as I have been previously asked.
— Charles Ulinfun // Hershey Medical Center-Dept. of Safety, Hershey, PA
I thought the training session was fantastic, and attacked the issues of public presentation from several angles. The trainer, Lynda Katz Wilner, also did a great deal to customize the session to the particulars of our industry.
Lynda had a number of unique approaches which I had not learned about from any previous media trainer. For example we learned techniques for preserving our voice when forced to give presentations in a loud convention floor environment, or when presenting very early in the morning or late at night. This information will come in very handy in our field!
Lynda also had a talent which I found particularly amazing: as she stepped through her own presentation in perfect form, she was able, seemingly effortlessly, to step in and out of character, demonstrating both the correct technique and several possible incorrect techniques. The incorrect techniques were delivered with such authenticity that it was much easier to imagine oneself making that mistake and to visualize the road to avoiding it.
— Brian Reynolds // President, Big Huge Games, Timonium, MD

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