Accent Programs Unique to the Medical Community

Communication skills are, understandably, critical to medical service delivery. Population trends continue to show a strong international presence in all walks of the medical community. Providing accent modification training for non-native English Speaking medical professionals has many unique challenges that affect the course content, training considerations and marketing strategies. This webinar will address all of these concerns.  This is a recording of a three hour event.

Topics covered:

  • Statistical Overview

  • Format Options for the Medical Community

  • Assessment and Instruction issues for Individual, Small Group, Midsize Group, Seminar & Distance Learning formats,

  • Approach Strategies: Unique to Format and Unique to the Medical Professional

  • Marketing Concerns

The teaching vehicle for this event will include the book: Medically Speaking, by presenter Lynda Katz Wilner! You can optionally purchase the Teacher’s Edition of the workbook before the event, making notations in it during the session to create a personalized trainer guide! In addition, you’ll receive PowerPoint notetaking handouts and a comprehensive bibliography via email.

.3 ASHA CEUs are available for this event. Request a complete flyer outlining content, CEU information and agenda/how to details. 


I was pleasantly surprised. I knew the medical community would be challenging due to the time constraints, however this material makes it possible to see how they can be approached. I now have put together a game plan and strategy now that I have the tools.
I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and especially appreciated the presenters’ sharing of personal experiences and wisdom as they related to the presented material. Thanks so much and I look forward to the next one.
I was interested in hearing your points of view. The emphasis on prosody (intonation and stress) is really valuable. I will share this information with my graduate students who are doing a practicum in accent modification.
I have worked in health care, and the observations about physicians’ reaction to ‘training’ and their perceptions of SLPs are absolutely on target.
Thank you for your excellent webinar on accent modification for healthcare professionals. The course moved at a good pace, allowed time for questions and provided valuable information along with practical applications. It was great to receive ASHA CEU’s for a course that is truly relevant to accent modification. I highly recommend this training and look forward to additional courses in the future.
Your programs “Medically Speaking: Accent Modification for the Medical Profession” and “Medically Speaking RULES” are ideal for healthcare professionals. I have used them with physicians and nurses and have seen impressive results!
— Sandra Wroblewski // Accent Aware, Wheaton, IL
I loved your presentation yesterday. It was information I was “hungry” for! It was so helpful. I am working to establish a relationship with the hospitals in my area. This program is so badly needed. I’m inspired that I have the tools to use to effect real change in these dedicated health care givers.
— Roberta Stanwood, M.A.,CCC/SLP // Certified Communication Skills Trainer, Accent Training Resources, LLC, Houston, TX
The seminar was of the highest quality and very informative. I feel it portrayed the field of accent reduction in the medical community very realistically and provided skills to pursue this.
Good mix of marketing, dealing with personalities, and general approaches to different size groups.
This is a unique course for a unique population of individuals. The course tied in all the elements to be considered when setting up an accent program for the medical community. I would be happy to attend any follow-up classes offered regarding this event. Lorna Sikorski and Lynda Katz Wilner have so much personal experience and knowledge that are imbued in this program.

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