Below you will find a wide variety of free videos available to help you improve your communication skills. Watch and learn!

Public Speaking Pointers from Successfully Speaking

Check out our portfolio of Ten Pointers for Mastering a Professional Presence. 

Podcast Interviews with Lynda Katz Wilner

Interview with Jeff Salkin on “Your Money and Business” Maryland Public Television. Lynda discusses speaking succinctly.

Interview on MMCTV in Maryland about the "3 V's of Communication and Accents"

Interview about "Accent Issues in the Workplace"


Webinar of Communication Excellence in Health Care

Watch a webinar on "Communication Excellence for Health Care Professionals" presented by Lynda Katz Wilner to the Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) ERSD Network 18 of Southern California. 

Candle Breaths to Control Your Fear of Public Speaking

Use TIES to Structure Your Speech or Presentation

Your Rate of Speech

Your 3 V's of Communication to Create a Professional Presence


What is Your Posture Saying About You?

How to Deal With Nervousness

Punctuation, Pausing, and Stress Can Change the Meaning

Do You Use UPtalk?

What to Do About Word Fillers

Hygiene in the American Workplace

Speaking of Handshakes

Successful Interview Skills

Tips for Effective Telephone Communication

Eye Contact

Active Listening Skills

Interview with John Carver on "Life with John Carver"

AHA Business Radio Radio Interview with Allan Hirsh 


Accent Modification Online Course

Lynda Katz Wilner, certified Speech and Language Pathologist, is offering online, individual and group accent modification classes to improve your communication skills and pronunciation of the English language. 

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