Successfully Speaking runs a variety of workshops to help you become an effective communicator. Workshops are customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Master Class for Public Speaking

Practice your public speaking skills in a small group setting (up to 8 participants) with instructor/peer feedback and video-recorded clips that are available after the 2-hour class. This class can also be conducted remotely as a live webinar.

Your Professional Image

Learn how to align your visual, vocal, and verbal communication to convey a powerful and professional image.

Successful Networking Skills

Gather tips on approaching a stranger, starting a conversation, keeping it going, and exiting gracefully.

Accent Modification

Master the stress, intonation, and pronunciation RULES of the American Accent to help you achieve a listener-friendly communication style.

Tips for Effective Communication  

Discover the basic tips to help you communicate effectively in social and professional settings.

Communication Excellence in the Medical Setting

Learn strategies to help you establish rapport with patients, family, and staff to provide optimal medical care.  

Communication Excellence for the Medical Interpreter

Learn strategies to bridge communication between patients/families and health care providers to ensure safety, avoid medical miscommunication, and increase patient satisfaction in the medical setting.

Telephone Communication Skills

Make a great impression for your company or yourself when using the telephone.

The OLE’ Approach to Communication -Effective Listening and Observation Skills

Learn how to be an excellent conversation partner and leader while engaging actively even when you are not talking. Understand the OLE' approach to communication (Observe, Listen, Engage) and dig deeper than just "active listening!" 

Comments from workshop on Listening Skills: 

  • Very relevant topic to HR Leadership!

  • Very engaging

  • Good content, love the ole' use

  • Great program that can easily be applied to an organizational level.

  • Engaging, very interesting and fun!

  • Lynda's content was very informative and engaging.

  • Amazing program! Unique. Time flew by, wanted MORE!

Professional Voice

Learn how your voice can enhance or sabotage your professional image. Leave with practical techniques to ensure a healthy and confident voice.

Email Communication

Learn how to design effective emails, including appropriate subject lines, salutation, design, grammar, and structure. 


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Achieve Excellence in Communication

Successfully Speaking is a communication skills consulting company that assists individuals, groups, and organizations achieve excellence in communication. Training is conducted in our Owings Mills, MD office, at your workplace, or by distance training on the internet.